All Things Geometry® Curriculum

What does this curriculum contain? 
This curriculum includes 850+ pages of instructional materials (warm-ups, notes, homework, quizzes, unit tests, review materials, a midterm exam, a final exam, and many other extras), in addition to 125+ engaging games and activities to supplement the instruction. This is a complete curriculum that can be used as a stand-alone resource or used to supplement an existing curriculum.  Because this curriculum contains activities, you do not need to purchase the Geometry Activities Bundle.

Click here for a list of all resources included in this bundle. 

The curriculum is divided into the following units:

Unit 1 – Geometry Basics
Unit 2 – Logic and Proof
Unit 3 – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Unit 4 – Congruent Triangles
Unit 5 – Relationships in Triangles
Unit 6 – Similar Triangles
Unit 7 – Quadrilaterals
Unit 8 – Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Unit 9 – Transformations
Unit 10 – Circles
Unit 11 – Volume and Surface Area
Unit 12 – Probability (NEW!! Added 9/2020)

What standards is this curriculum aligned to?

Because the standards in each state can differ, it is impossible to create a one-size fits all curriculum. Click here for a complete list of topics included in this curriculum to compare to your own curriculum and standards.

What format are the files in?

All files are in a PDF format; however, the PowerPoint versions of the assessments are included so you can easily make multiple versions or customize to fit your needs. Editor (usually built in to PowerPoint) is required to edit these files.

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