Hi!  I’m Gina Wilson, the writer behind the All Things Algebra® Curriculum resources.

When I first started teaching, I was frustrated with the textbook I was given.  It either had too much information at once, or not enough information and practice.  Students struggled to take notes using the book, so I needed a solution!  I started developing my own materials and noticed that students responded quite well to the way the material was presented.  They were able to understand topics quicker and more in depth, and most importantly, they were making connections to previously learned concepts.  The retention and engagement soared when I started incorporating activities into my lessons.  My philosophy for teaching turned into what I called “organized rigor.”  I never hold back when it comes to rigorous content.  When presented in an organized manner, ALL students can be successful. 

If you are looking for materials that are both engaging and effective, this is the right curriculum for you! As the number one middle and high school math seller on TeachersPayTeachers, you can feel confident that the materials have been vetted by classroom teachers like yourself.  Tens of thousands of teachers use these materials daily in their classrooms. I’m committed to this curriculum and to you.  I am often updating and refining materials to make sure they continue to be the best resources available.