All Things Pre-Calculus® activities bundle

What does this bundle contain?

This bundle contains 13 activities that supplement and align with my PreCalculus Curriculum.  This bundle is a work in progress and will contain a minimum of 60 activities upon completion.  This is a one-time purchase that gives you access to all my PreCalculus activities.  If I go beyond 60 activities, you will get them FOR FREE as part of this purchase.  Google versions of activities are sold separately.

Do the activities in this bundle overlap with your Algebra 2 Activities Bundle?

NO! If an activity can also be used with my Algebra 2 Curriculum, it will default to the Algebra 2 Activities Bundle and not be included here. This bundle is specifically for activities that can only be used with my PreCalculus Curriculum. If you are interested in Algebra 2 and PreCalculus activities, I recommend purchasing this bundle and the Algebra 2 Activities Bundle.

What grade level is this curriculum designed for?

This curriculum is intended for 9th – 12th grade students.

How do I access new activities?

My goal is to add 2-3 activities per month until I reach 60 activities in this bundle.  To access the new activities, I recommend re-downloading this bundle from my site at the end of each month.

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