All Things Algebra® Digital Activities (Volume 2)

What does this bundle contain?
This is a collection of 25 of my activities designed to work with Google Slides . This purchase includes is a zip file that includes directions on how download each activity to your Google drive. You and your students must have a free Google account in order to access these activities. Once you download the activity to your Google drive, you can share it with your students.  See the list below for activities included in this bundle.  Google Slides versions of activities are not sold in my curriculum bundles.

• Slope Formula Triples Activity
• Order of Operations Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Domain and Range of Graphs Drag and Drop Activity
• Graphing Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities Drag and Drop Activity
• Transformations Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Area and Perimeter of Composite Figures Puzzle
• Right Triangle Trigonometry Puzzle
• Evaluating Functions Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Distance and Midpoint Formulas Puzzle
• Radical Equations Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Algebraic Proofs Drag and Drop Activity
• Transformations Drag and Drop Activity
 • Exponential Equations Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Logarithmic Equations Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures Puzzle
• Congruent Triangle Proofs Drag and Drop Activity
• Quadratic Functions Triples Activity
• Volume and Surface Area Puzzle
• Slope Formula Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Operations with Rational Exponents Puzzle
• Area & Circumference of Circles Puzzle
• Order of Operations Triples Activity
• Law of Sines & the Ambiguous Case Sorting Activity
• Segment Lengths in Circles Pyramid Sum Puzzle
• Simple Probability Puzzle

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